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13:30 pdurbin    played with vagrant for the first time last night. i'm sold
13:30 pdurbin    agoddard: http://crankstations.com/vagrant was helpful. thanks
13:30 agoddard   pdurbin: awesome, glad to hear it :)
13:31 pdurbin    looking for a centos base box. i guess i could build my own: Creating a CentOS 6.2 base box for Vagrant | Ricbra's Blog - http://blog.vandenbrand.org/2012/02/21/creating-a-centos-6-2-base-box-for-vagrant/
13:31 agoddard   ^ use veewee (what I should have blogged about next)
13:31 agoddard   https://github.com/jedi4ever/veewee
13:31 pdurbin    hmmmm?
13:32 agoddard   also, now you got the vagrant crankin, you can have a play with a test instance of sensu :D https://github.com/sensu/sensu-chef/blob/master/examples/Vagrantfile
13:32 pdurbin    mmm, sensu. yum. still haven't looked at it
13:33 agoddard   ^ (you'll need to clone that repo and vagrant up in the examples directory 'cause it needs the cookbook)
13:33 pdurbin    veewee vbox define 'myubuntubox' 'ubuntu-10.10-server-i386'
13:33 pdurbin    that veewee looks pretty simple
13:33 pdurbin    https://github.com/jedi4ever/veewee/blob/master/doc/vagrant.md
13:33 agoddard   ya, it's awesome
13:33 pdurbin    agoddard: do you ever use vagrant with window vm's?
13:34 * agoddard shudders
13:34 agoddard   ;) nope
13:34 pdurbin    ok
13:35 SEJeff     http://blog.chromium.org/2012/05/tale-of-two-pwnies-part-1.html This is a really impressive hack
13:35 pdurbin    vagrant does headless by default. i assume i can still use virtual box to make a windows vm independent of vagrant
13:36 agoddard   ya, and you can also make it not headless
13:38 pdurbin    i'll keep playing with it
13:38 pdurbin    still need to set up this fedora box and switch from the centos box i'm typing on
13:39 pdurbin    SEJeff: "With these two bugs Pinkie was able to install and run his own NPAPI plug-in that executed outside the sandbox at full user privilege". scary
13:42 SEJeff     pdurbin, Yes, but look at the effort it took
13:42 SEJeff     Clearly Chrome is a step above the competition
13:42 SEJeff     They use proactive vs reactive security
13:42 SEJeff     which is one of my primary reasons for saying Redhat/Fedora (and variants) is better on a server than Debian (and variants)
13:55 pdurbin    SEJeff: here we go with the holy wars again ;)
13:56 SEJeff     Like before, I backed it up 100% with technical reasons that were not refuted by anyone :)
14:02 pdurbin    :)
14:02 pdurbin    Issue #79: koan --virt-image-type ? · cobbler/cobbler - https://github.com/cobbler/cobbler/issues/79#issuecomment-5873608
14:03 pdurbin    still want this
15:15 gridiron   So...when you work for a company that was put on a "hit list" by a group of 14 year old children using LOIC... would it be immoral to set up a varnish server that redirects all the problematic IP's back to their IRC server?
15:15 SEJeff     gridiron, Thats hilarious
15:16 SEJeff     You might setup a few perhaps load balance the varnish servers with keepalived or something
15:16 gridiron   I am tempted...
15:16 SEJeff     How did you draw the wrath of anonymous^Wpre-pubescent bored males
15:17 gridiron   No idea. I think we are fairly innocuous compared to say...BOA
15:18 gridiron   but then... most governments are small next to them
15:18 SEJeff     touche
17:33 * pdurbin  had to google for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_Orbit_Ion_Cannon
17:39 SEJeff     LOIC wasn't near as bad until they added hive mode or whatever they call it
17:39 * SEJeff   doens't have a windows box to run LOIC on nor would I
17:40 SEJeff     The script kids were also using this service named gigaloader, but it was taken down when it was used to take down scientology
17:58 pdurbin    "Razor is the first solution to dynamically provision hardware using auto-discovered, real-time inventory data, eliminating inefficient, error-prone manual processes and speeding the delivery of deployed applications for DevOps environments." -- http://puppetlabs.com/company/news/press-releases/puppet-labs-announces-next-generation-provisioning-solution/
18:06 pdurbin    http://forge.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs/razor
18:07 SEJeff     Much better post: http://nickapedia.com/2012/05/21/lex-parsimoniae-cloud-provisioning-with-a-razor/
18:07 SEJeff     I love how it conveniently doesn't support RHEL/Cent*/Fedora, or any of the derivatives
18:08 pdurbin    SEJeff: yes. thanks. huh, it runs on node.js
18:08 SEJeff     And with this release it fully supports VMware’s ESXi 5, Centos 6, openSUSE 12, Ubuntu Oneiric & Precise, and Debian Wheezy with our first release.
18:08 SEJeff     and mongodb. Makes me think they couldn't figure out how to make ruby scale
18:08 SEJeff     Kind of sad looking at it so far
18:08 pdurbin    SEJeff: you'll switch from cobbler
18:09 SEJeff     doubtful
18:09 pdurbin    :)
18:10 pdurbin    had lunch with ventz the other day. told him about how you equated cobbler with bash :) http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-04-24#i_5488902
18:10 SEJeff     Remind me who ventz is?
18:11 SEJeff     cobbler has plenty of warts no doubt. I can name a large number of them, but it does what it was designed to do very well.
18:12 pdurbin    ventz: you just lurking again?
18:18 pdurbin    those security guys are pretty quiet
18:19 pdurbin    that reminds me. i just started following these guys on twitter: http://masshackers.org https://twitter.com/masshackers
18:33 pdurbin    i like cobbler well enough. but per above, i think vagrant is the way for now for quick testing with VMs
18:33 pdurbin    but cobbler for real deployments. absolutely
18:33 SEJeff     Yeah different beast altogether
18:33 pdurbin    and maybe razor some day. who knows
18:33 SEJeff     cobbler is too much for local machine testing
18:33 SEJeff     Yup
18:34 pdurbin    there's even a vagrant rpm :)
18:34 pdurbin    which works fine on fedora 16 anyway
18:34 pdurbin    http://downloads.vagrantup.com/tags/v1.0.3
18:34 pdurbin    windows installer. crazy!
18:35 SEJeff     Well virtualbox runs on every platform under the sun
18:35 pdurbin    yeah
18:35 SEJeff     Innotek did a really good job
18:35 pdurbin    can i run virtualbox and kvm on my fedora laptop?
18:35 pdurbin    or is that just a terrible idea?
18:35 SEJeff     They both try to use the HW virt extensions
18:36 SEJeff     which only 1 can use at a time
18:36 SEJeff     I think kvm just says no thanks
18:37 pdurbin    in practice i didn't uninstall anything. i just ran `service libvirtd stop`
18:44 ventz      hmm?
18:44 ventz      (sorry, really busy today -- what's up?
18:47 pdurbin    ventz: SEJeff was wondering you are :)
18:48 pdurbin    ventz: didn't you say you have some open source code? a git server or something?
18:50 ventz      git.vpetkov.net
18:50 ventz      enjoy everything - don't hold me responsible for anything
18:50 ventz      SEJeff: hi, i am ventz :)
18:51 SEJeff     hi :)
18:52 ventz      i work in the security group btw, and before that i worked in the unix group
18:52 ventz      you?
18:53 pdurbin    so it's linkable from the irc log: http://git.vpetkov.net
18:53 ventz      pdurbin: here's some more: https://svn.vpetkov.net/projects/
18:53 pdurbin    ventz: thanks
18:53 SEJeff     Systems Engineer for a "High Frequency Trading" finance firm. I <3 Linux and most things open source
18:53 pdurbin    ventz: don't forget, crimsonfu is not a harvard thing :)
18:53 ventz      ss = squadron scramble game (in svn)
18:53 ventz      ghost = ghost letter game
18:54 ventz      this is my beautiful nqueens solution: https://git.vpetkov.net/?p=projects.git;a=tree;f=nqueens;h=f0e5bdff8671855ccb4d9fc98da51daf69c428c8;hb=HEAD
18:54 ventz      :)
18:56 SEJeff     ventz, You know... startssl.com will give you free *valid* ssl certs for 1 year. I've worked with them a lot.
18:56 pdurbin    SEJeff: fine, but how much after that?
18:56 SEJeff     free
18:56 SEJeff     and free
18:57 pdurbin    so free for a year and free forever
18:57 SEJeff     It is legit. I've spoken on the phone for their CTO to verify my Class 2 registration
18:57 SEJeff     for 1 year
18:57 SEJeff     If you want > 1 year validity on your certs, you need a Class 2
18:57 SEJeff     http://www.startssl.com/?app=1
18:58 SEJeff     ventz, You familar with the digitanotar ssl CA hack?
19:00 ventz      i am not
19:00 SEJeff     http://www.informationweek.com/news/security/attacks/231601037
19:00 ventz      SEJeff: i use self-signed b/c i am usually the only one who access these. I have some amazing deal via godaddy for $10 ssl certs, but just not point
19:01 SEJeff     Well long story short... A 1/2 dozen SSL Cert Authorities were hacked by some state sponsored hackers. Comodo called out Iran and said that they were behind it all. They issued themselves valid ssl certs for domains like gmail, twitter, hotmail, etc to put down dissidents
19:01 SEJeff     StartSSL was on the list of orgs to be hacked, but they foiled it even after the hackers managed to get inside their network. It is a good read
19:05 pdurbin    shuff has some ssl solution he likes, but he's on here today apparently
19:05 SEJeff     You can't beat intense israeli security (it is in their dna) and free ssl certs for 1 year at a time. I've worked with Eddy Nigg, for GNOME
19:06 SEJeff     They gave GNOME free wildcard certs after we got 1 person (me) to validate to class 2 and the organization verified, which required everything but fingerprints from the executive director. It was a 6 week process with all of the back and forth
19:46 pdurbin    s/on/not/ #crazyweek
20:14 pdurbin    wow this actually works: virsh -c 'esx://vmwarehypervisor1.example.com' list
20:15 pdurbin    just need port 443 open, as i was making noise about yesterday: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-05-22#i_5623929
20:17 SEJeff     libvirt ftw
20:19 pdurbin    no kidding!
20:19 pdurbin    one step closer to virt-v2v
20:22 ventz      pdurbin: ohh yea
20:22 ventz      this is how i manage everything :)
20:23 pdurbin    ventz: i though you used that ubuntu thing. not virt-v2v
20:24 pdurbin    virt-goodies from ubuntu
20:26 ventz      oh i was commenting about virsh -c 'esx://...'
20:26 ventz      we have a vmware env. here (for somethings, you need vmware -- stats is one)
20:27 ventz      the lab i pushed to have kvm
20:27 ventz      which makes sense since we don't have to pay, and we don't need stats/live storage vmotion/etc...
20:30 SEJeff     ventz, What exactly do you mean by stats?
20:30 pdurbin    yeah but kvm is catching up :)
20:31 ventz      SEJeff: vmware (imo) is good (and better for "enterprise") in only 2 ways
20:31 ventz      1.) vcenter
20:31 ventz      2.) massive stats -- as in historical data on cpu, mem, networking, bursting, etc...
20:31 SEJeff     You know ovirt was released by redhat not so long ago, right?
20:31 ventz      there are some tools for kvm, and a ton of home grown things, but nothing is as complete and as nice
20:31 ventz      :nod:
20:31 ventz      but it's not there just yet
20:32 ventz      (oh, the other thing, storage vmotion -- kvm needs this really badly)
20:38 pdurbin    no storage vmotion for kvm, huh? sadness
20:45 SEJeff     ventz, oVirt (aka RHEVM 3.x) supports live migration
20:45 SEJeff     I'm not familar with storage vmotion
20:45 SEJeff     But think you're likely right
20:46 ventz      live migration or storage?
20:47 ventz      ex: host A & host B --> both on NFS, i move VM from one to the other
20:47 ventz      vs
20:47 ventz      only host A, -> NFS and local disk, i need to move a VM from nfs to local
20:47 SEJeff     Ah nice
20:47 SEJeff     the latter
20:47 ventz      hmm
20:47 ventz      that's interesting
20:47 ventz      wonder how they are doing it
20:47 ventz      i mean they have to come out with something
20:47 SEJeff     http://ovirt.org
20:47 SEJeff     They have it :D
20:48 ventz      i really like in KVM the ability to force restrict mac + IP to prevent VM from spoofing
20:48 ventz      for that feature you need a whole suite of tools in vmware
20:48 SEJeff     Can't you also do that with svirt?
20:48 SEJeff     And just label all network traffic coming out of that vm using SELinux?
20:48 SEJeff     Which is well integrated with libvirtd
20:59 ventz      :nod:
20:59 ventz      the mac address functionality is the "coolness" factor basically
20:59 ventz      you can also do this with iptables and some extension (some mac guard thing)
20:59 ventz      but it was dirty
21:07 ventz      http://forums.pinstack.com/content/5387-xbox_360_banned_u_s_violating_patents.html
21:07 ventz      ^^ ignore "insecure" warning. Someone was posting spam in the forums and it 'blacklisted' the site
21:07 ventz      anyway, i wanted to point out, clearly that judge has never played on an xbox