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00:52 magoo     SEJeff: really like task warrior - just the thing I've needed
12:48 pdurbin   check this upcoming desktop computer: HP t410 AiO (all in one). ARM Cortex-A8 processor ( http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.ddi0344c/index.html ), uses only 13 watts of power, which is delivered power-over-ethernet: http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/thin-client-solutions/t410.html#tab-graphics-specs . see also http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/article/424196/new_hp_thin_client_cuts_power_cord/
12:49 pdurbin   "A standard desktop PC in a workplace environment consumes around 100 Watts not including the monitor, and the most efficient thin clients consume around 10 Watts. HP's t410 includes an 18.5in monitor for only three more Watts"
12:51 pdurbin   "The other problem with the Intel instruction set is, as we saw, it's inefficient due to the 90/10 rule. So you have all these transistors sitting around not doing much because they just end up being the exception rather than the rule. Whereas this lean RISC design has all your transistors busy all the time, so that's efficient, too. You get a lot of use out of the power that the transistor is using." -- http://www.grc.com/sn/sn-252.htm
12:52 SEJeff    But the tradeoff is performance
12:52 SEJeff    arm is slow
12:53 SEJeff    when compared to a modern intel processor such as a nehalum+
12:53 pdurbin   meh. i'm always at the command line :)
12:53 SEJeff    exactly
12:53 SEJeff    running perf tools :)
12:53 pdurbin   should be fast enough. will it run fedora? as we've discussed fedora runs on ARM
12:54 SEJeff    I'm not sure if all of fedora runs on arm
12:54 SEJeff    It is still a non-primary arch for fedora
12:54 SEJeff    So lots of ftbfs most likely
12:55 pdurbin   Fails To Build From Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FTBFS
12:56 pdurbin   sure. but i'm still glad the fedora guys are working on ARM support
12:56 SEJeff    indeed
13:18 pdurbin   boooo, i'm running qemu-kvm-0.12.1 on centos 6, not 0.13.0 :( http://blog.wpkg.org/2010/10/04/resizing-qcow2-images/ i guess i'll have to convert this qcow2 image to raw to increase its size. . .
13:18 pdurbin   would love to just run `qemu-img resize mydisk.qcow2 +5GB` per http://www.linux-kvm.com/content/how-resize-your-kvm-virtual-disk
13:24 SEJeff    pdurbin, Question
13:24 SEJeff    Have you ever backported newer stuff to RHEL/CentOS? If not, would you like a tutorial more or less? I do it all the time.
13:26 pdurbin   well, sure. . . i've used the "clobber" repo from repoforge (or whatever it's called) before. in general, i try to stick with the generic upstream packages though.
13:28 SEJeff    pdurbin, repoforge is bad
13:28 SEJeff    The packages do a very good job of breaking your systems
13:28 pdurbin   "rfx" they call it -- [suggest] Recent changes to RPMforge - http://lists.repoforge.org/pipermail/users/2010-November/018282.html via http://repoforge.org/faq/ . i voted for "clobber"
13:28 SEJeff    It is very very easy to backport packages from Fedora to EL[56] using mock
13:29 pdurbin   SEJeff: careful, one of the crimsonfu members is also a repoforge packager :)
13:29 SEJeff    But if you'd prefer to just use raw disk images instead that works too.
13:29 SEJeff    pdurbin, Well perhaps I should tell them that they break the GNOME yum auto-updates thing all the time :)
13:30 SEJeff    for the gnome.org servers, which I help run
13:30 pdurbin   SEJeff: yes, i backported the ikiwiki rpm from fedora for use in centos: http://yum.greptilian.com
13:30 pdurbin   SEJeff: you should file an issue. i'm sure they'd appreciate it: https://github.com/repoforge/rpms/issues
13:30 SEJeff    The only repo that is almost guaranteed to never break EL* is EPEL
13:30 SEJeff    or if you're careful, stuff from fedora directly
13:31 SEJeff    pdurbin, I actively steer people away from repoforge
13:31 SEJeff    due to experiencing far too much breakage using it
13:31 pdurbin   SEJeff: oh. you're one of those ;)
13:31 SEJeff    *shrug* if the packages aren't high enough quality and break running systems
13:31 SEJeff    It is a bad idea
13:32 pdurbin   better not follow whorka's http://whorka.github.com/blog/2012/02/08/apache-mod_fastcgi-suexec-php-apc-rhel.html then :)
13:32 SEJeff    one of those being defined as doesn't like to see broken deps ever
13:34 SEJeff    pdurbin, But just saying. It is very easy to backport a onesy/twosey package and shouldn't be something you're afraid of if you want the functionality
13:34 pdurbin   as we've discussed, there's much more work involved in getting packages in epel than repoforge: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-05-08#i_5559423
13:35 SEJeff    pdurbin, Sure. There is more work because the demand higher quality packages. It shows :)
13:35 SEJeff    You're just proving the point I was trying to make heh
13:36 pdurbin   repoforge/rpmforge/dag has a much longer history than epel. in practice, i'm switching to epel
13:36 SEJeff    However, once you do the initial work, it is very easy to get packages into epel. Even easier if they are already in Fedora. We've gotten perhaps a dozen or so packages in EPEL as hard and optional dependencies for salt. It wasn't very hard.
13:36 SEJeff    dag was awesome back in the day
13:37 pdurbin   i've been meaning to become a fedora/epel contributor
13:37 pdurbin   SEJeff: would you consider qemu-kvm-, qemu-img- and all related packages to be onesy/twosey? i'm not sure i would...
13:39 SEJeff    I wouldn't build / install the kernel module for kvm
13:39 SEJeff    but the userspace tools? Yes
13:39 SEJeff    At worst, you use mockchain
13:39 SEJeff    which is easy
13:40 pdurbin   i need to get up to speed with mock
13:40 SEJeff    pdurbin, If you ever have some time and want to let me know. I do it all the time as I'm the primary guy who manages our internal repos at work
13:40 pdurbin   any handy links to howto's?
13:41 pdurbin   if not, you could write up a crimsonfu blog post :)
13:41 SEJeff    pdurbin, Oh and I wrote a really crappy wrapper for mock (and I mean really crappy) http://www.digitalprognosis.com/opensource/scripts/pkgbuild
13:41 SEJeff    I wrote that for when we have to backport packages for GNOME
13:42 SEJeff    Like when Redhat flat refused to backport the new sssd to RHEL 5.2 I think it was when we had issues which caused users to not have the ability to login to git.gnome.org (effectively stopped git contributions)
13:42 pdurbin   SEJeff: ok, at least i see you're using mock in there. would probably be a good starting point for me
13:42 SEJeff    I had to backport sssd for RHEL5 on the git server or switch back to pam_ldap, which is yucky in comparison
13:43 SEJeff    pdurbin, the config is pretty straightforward. Look under /etc/mock. Edit the default config and then the distro specific one with your repos.
13:44 pdurbin   huh, i just ran `qemu-img resize /var/lib/libvirt/images/pdurbin1-disk0.qcow +5GB` and it said "Image resized." . ls -l shows the same size though. . .
13:48 SEJeff    holy netsplit batman!
13:49 pdurbin   gparted should have a Requires: dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts
13:50 pdurbin   yeah, i don't think that resize did anything. it lies with its "Image resized". no magic backport, i don't think. . .
13:52 pdurbin   and a reboot didn't help either
13:55 SEJeff    :/
13:56 * pdurbin looks at http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=qemu.git;a=blob;f=qemu.spec;hb=HEAD
13:56 pdurbin   wow, lots of patches
13:56 SEJeff    Also remember that most of the qemu upstream are redhatters
13:56 pdurbin   sure
13:56 pdurbin   is that what they call them? :)
13:57 SEJeff    yes, /me has many friends there
13:58 SEJeff    pdurbin, wow that is an insane number of patches though. You weren't kidding!
13:59 pdurbin   still a onesy/twosey? :)
14:00 pdurbin   at some point you just run your hypervisors on fedora rather than el6 if you want all the shiny
14:00 SEJeff    pdurbin, 100 patches != 100 packages :)
14:01 SEJeff    And I was just suggesting using the new qemu-image package. Does that require the new qemu-kvm kernel module?
14:01 SEJeff    It might, but I'd be surprised
14:01 pdurbin   no idea
14:01 SEJeff    Avi K is good about keeping the kvm stuff backwards compat. I used to follow the kvm dev really closely
14:01 SEJeff    Avi K == the guy who wrote kvm more or less
14:02 SEJeff    http://avikivity.blogspot.com/
14:06 magoo     agoddard: you around?
14:09 pdurbin   magoo: i don't see him on IM...
14:11 * pdurbin attempts a build of http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=qemu.git;a=blob;f=qemu.spec;hb=35db8c0471c57821ed2b330304b69b4cedc551ea on el6
14:16 SEJeff    pdurbin, Are you building from git or rebuilding a src rpm/
14:16 pdurbin   git
14:16 SEJeff    hardcore
14:17 pdurbin   do you have an srpm for this? i looked
14:17 SEJeff    I normally grab the latest src rpm from koji or here: http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/
14:17 SEJeff    http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/test/17-Beta/Fedora/source/SRPMS/qemu-1.0-6.fc17.src.rpm
14:17 pdurbin   so that's pretty new. . . too new?  hmm
14:18 SEJeff    I'm a bit confused
14:18 SEJeff    That spec says version 0.13.0
14:18 SEJeff    the srpm is 1.0.6
14:19 pdurbin   i was thinking about going for a version that's just new enough to have the feature i need
14:19 SEJeff    pdurbin, And if you want to grab the latest from rawhide: http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/development/rawhide/source/SRPMS/q/qemu-1.0-17.fc18.src.rpm
14:19 SEJeff    seems reasonable
14:20 pdurbin   i wish there were a link from http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=qemu.git back to https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/acls/name/qemu . or maybe there is and i just don't see it
14:22 pdurbin   i guess i could try http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/packages/qemu/0.13.0/1.fc14/i686/qemu-img-0.13.0-1.fc14.i686.rpm via http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=201006
14:24 pdurbin   whoops, http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/packages/qemu/0.13.0/1.fc14/x86_64/qemu-img-0.13.0-1.fc14.x86_64.rpm i mean (not i686)
14:34 pdurbin   bah! ran `rpm -Uvh qemu-img-0.13.0-1.fc14.x86_64.rpm --nodeps` and tried a resize on qcow2 but it still didn't seem to work
14:35 pdurbin   actually, hmm!  qemu-info is showing the virtual size increasing...
14:36 pdurbin   er, `qemu-img info` i mean
14:38 SEJeff    pdurbin, Sparse image file?
14:39 pdurbin   i'm probably just being dumb. probably need to boot into Parted Magic like I've done before: http://partedmagic.com
14:51 pdurbin   yup. just me being dumb. plenty of unallocated when i run gparted from within parted magic. i should have followed my own doc from the start :)
15:36 pdurbin   good old gparted
15:44 pdurbin   i have all kinds of corrections to the noise i was making above
15:50 pdurbin   wow, somehow i didn't realize `virsh setmem myvm 2097152` would have an immediate affect on a running vm. MemTotal in /proc/meminfo is suddenly bigger
15:50 pdurbin   ventz: well, truthfully, you told me yesterday this would work but i only half believed you :)
16:12 pdurbin   ok, so corrections to the qemu resize business above
16:13 pdurbin   stock el6 qemu-img resizes qcow2 images just fine
16:13 pdurbin   never never believe the size reported by `ls -l`. (i should have known better). always run `qemu-img info` instead
16:14 pdurbin   to actually do the resize, reboot with a Parted Magic iso and use gparted
16:14 pdurbin   or some fancier command line only way if you have the fu, i suppose
16:14 SEJeff    parted isn't that hard to use from the cli
16:14 pdurbin   SEJeff: yeah? have a link to a nice howto?
16:14 SEJeff    I learned from the manpage :)
16:14 SEJeff    Let me look one up
16:15 SEJeff    http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/fdisk-unable-to-create-partition-greater-2tb.html  http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/manual/html_chapter/parted_2.html
16:15 SEJeff    That manual is actually really good
16:16 pdurbin   cool. thanks
16:16 pdurbin   but you have to boot off some iso or into rescue mode, right?
16:16 pdurbin   you can't just run parted on a running system, can you?
16:19 pdurbin   that is to say, you have to unmount the file system you're working on...
16:20 pdurbin   that's what i've been doing anyway. booting off the parted magic iso
16:22 SEJeff    pdurbin, Oh I thought you were doing this for vms
16:22 pdurbin   i am. these are vms
16:22 SEJeff    If you're using lvm you can grow things live
16:22 pdurbin   kvm
16:22 SEJeff    lvm + ext4 I believe
16:22 ventz     pdurbin: using resize2fs is very easy
16:22 SEJeff    ++
16:22 pdurbin   well, the vm i was working on wasn't using lvm
16:23 SEJeff    You need the filesystem and underlying partitions to grow
16:23 SEJeff    If the filesystem doesn't fill the entire partition, then you just use resize2fs like ventz mentioned without worrying. Otherwise, yes the way you did it works
16:23 ventz     my favorite for lvm:
16:23 ventz     lvdisplay
16:23 ventz     swapoff /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01
16:23 ventz     lvresize -L -4GB /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01
16:23 ventz     lvresize -L +4GB /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00
16:23 ventz     resize2fs -p /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00
16:24 ventz     mkswap /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01
16:24 ventz     swapon /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01
16:24 ventz     # fixing centos one day at a time ;)
16:26 pdurbin   ok, but for non-lvm, i think i need to reboot at least, for the ubuntu vm to know that i made the qcow2 image bigger
16:26 SEJeff    pdurbin, There might be a trick you can do
16:26 pdurbin   SEJeff: yeah, probably there is
16:26 SEJeff    There is a way to force the kernel to re-read the partition table. Hold on
16:26 pdurbin   ventz: thanks for the lvm fu
16:27 SEJeff    pdurbin, partprobe
16:27 SEJeff    partprobe /dev/XXX
16:27 pdurbin   right. that makes sense
16:27 pdurbin   will have to try that in my test vm
16:28 SEJeff    pdurbin, I'm pretty sure partprobe calls or does the equivalent of: blockdev --rereadpt /dev/sda
16:28 pdurbin   ok
16:28 SEJeff    blockdev was what I was originally thinking of
16:29 pdurbin   i definitely seem to have had to reboot the vm to increase the max ram
16:29 SEJeff    That most likely depends on the kernel
16:29 SEJeff    and kvm version
16:30 pdurbin   "error: Unable to change MaxMemorySize , error: Requested operation is not valid: cannot resize the maximum memory on an active domain" from `virsh setmaxmem myvm 2097152`
16:30 pdurbin   qemu-kvm- kernel-2.6.32-220.7.1.el6.centos.plus.x86_64
17:34 SEJeff    Might be relevant in this channel: http://jpmens.net/2010/10/29/alternative-dns-servers-the-book-as-pdf/
17:34 SEJeff    pdurbin, It has a bit about powerdns too ^^
17:35 pdurbin   huh. very cool
17:59 pdurbin   "You just need to do apt-get install <packagename>. This will upgrade only that single package." -- http://askubuntu.com/questions/44122/upgrade-a-single-package-with-apt-get/44124#44124 ubuntu is so odd...
19:11 pdurbin   trying to remember NX :)
19:46 pdurbin   looking at http://perldoc.perl.org/perlfaq8.html#How-do-I-keep-my-own-module/library-directory? via http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1366902/why-does-installing-certain-cpan-modules-require-root-privilege/1370065#1370065
19:47 pdurbin   cpan> o conf makepl_arg INSTALL_BASE=/mydir/perl
19:47 pdurbin   i guess that's what i'm looking for
20:04 pdurbin   that config option seems to work: http://pastie.org/3932312