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10:47 pdurbin   ironcamel: you seem to like to know when i sling some perl :) http://git.greptilian.com/?p=grinfra.git;a=blob;f=bin/grgit.pl;hb=HEAD
14:32 magoo_    got one for the chef gurus amongst us
14:33 magoo_    <% if defined?(node.postgresql.master).nil? -%>
14:34 magoo_    that seems to be breaking my template ... more to follow
14:36 pdurbin   agoddard is the resident chef guru and evangelist ;)
14:39 pdurbin   "extended away" in IM though :)
14:41 Pax       can I be "extended away" in reality?
15:36 pdurbin   bleh, svn. i should just move this to git
15:37 * pdurbin glances at Moving Puppet From Subversion to GIT in 15 Minutes While Adding Dynamic Environments - Coffee & Beer - http://blog.mattynick.com/blog/2012/02/08/moving-puppet-from-subversion-to-git-in-15-minutes-while-adding-dynamic-environments/
16:39 pdurbin   nmblookup -U -R 'SERVER1' # tell me the ip address, oh wins server
17:11 agoddard  magoo_: ohai, what's the issue?
17:22 magoo_    agoddard: I ended up not needing the block of code but here was the issue
17:22 magoo_    http://pastebin.com/sz7jSxVu
17:23 magoo_    I'd still like to know what the hell was so wrong with that statement
17:23 magoo_    the advice i got in #chef was that the <% if should not have shown up in erb -x
17:23 magoo_    which makes sense but I can't explain it
17:24 agoddard  ya it shouldn't have shown up
17:25 magoo_    meh, at least I discovered erb -x :)
17:28 agoddard  I think I'd do something like : if node.postgresql.master == true , and then I'd set a default attribute to true or false.. maybe.. off the top of my head that should work and read clearly, but maybe the master attribute needs to be more than just true/false..
17:29 agoddard  magoo_: actually, maybe some other logic to catch the string of false being false, but you get the idea :D
17:31 magoo_    agoddard: yeah, that's much cleaner
20:14 magoo_    anyone in here using keepalived?
20:15 magoo_    let me rephrase that... anyone in here using keepalived successfully in ec2
20:16 magoo_    i think that's a whole different beast
20:16 pdurbin   Keepalived for Linux - Linux High Availability - http://keepalived.org ?
20:16 magoo_    that's the one
20:16 magoo_    i haven't started the project yet, just gathering feedback
20:18 pdurbin   no upvoted answers ... How to configuration keepalived on Amazon EC2? - Server Fault - http://serverfault.com/questions/351359/how-to-configuration-keepalived-on-amazon-ec2
20:20 pdurbin   some guy says ( http://serverfault.com/questions/330930/keepalived-questions-requirements-abilities-limitations/332438#332438 ) to use pacemaker and corosyn instead: http://www.clusterlabs.org
20:20 magoo_    i ran into this the other day and discovered the unicast patch to make it work but there's not much info as to configurations being used out there
20:21 magoo_    good find, i'll have  alook
20:21 pdurbin   this guy likes keepalived: http://serverfault.com/questions/276170/alternatives-to-heartbeat-pacemaker-and-corosync/276453#276453
20:21 pdurbin   magoo_: please report back :)
20:22 magoo_    of course!
20:23 pdurbin   sunmanagers SUMMARY style ;)
20:41 pdurbin   running `yum install pv`. was just telling sjoeboo i'm been meaning to play with it. "pv - monitor the progress of data through a pipe" http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/tagged/609/pv
20:42 pdurbin   i've
20:45 pdurbin   for example: Command to import Mysql database with a progress bar. | commandlinefu.com - http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/8726/command-to-import-mysql-database-with-a-progress-bar.