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00:59 pdurbin   at least it has the latest version of openstack (essex)
02:20 pdurbin   ok, i just posted serverfault.com/questions/383628/should-i-avoid-using-git-to-track-individuals-files-with-separate-history-such-as-in-var-named
02:20 pdurbin   shoot, i meant to make that a link: http://serverfault.com/questions/383628/should-i-avoid-using-git-to-track-individuals-files-with-separate-history-such-as-in-var-named
02:28 pdurbin   sheesh, typo in the title. how embarrassing. fixed: http://serverfault.com/questions/383628/should-i-avoid-using-git-to-track-individual-files-with-separate-history-such-as-in-var-named
02:32 pdurbin   mmm, answers coming in already: http://serverfault.com/questions/383628/should-i-avoid-using-git-to-track-individual-files-with-separate-history-such-a/383635#383635 . i love stack overflow and company. had never heard of http://joey.kitenet.net/code/etckeeper/ but its made by the guy behind ikiwiki!
02:37 pdurbin   nice, and here's randal's answer: http://serverfault.com/questions/383628/should-i-avoid-using-git-to-track-individual-files-with-separate-history-such-a/383636#383636
02:44 pdurbin   hmm, i sure hope i'm not angering randal... :( https://twitter.com/merlyn/status/195702294677950465
13:14 pdurbin   hmmm. http://blog.mymediasystem.net/uncategorized/vmware-kvm-migration-guide/
15:22 pdurbin   holy crap! `yum -q update --json` ftw!! https://github.com/deanwilson/yum-transaction-json
15:22 pdurbin   "Show pending YUM upgrades and installs as a JSON data structure"
15:25 pdurbin   you get back something like this: {"firefox":{"pending":{"epoch":0,"version":"10.0.4","arch":"x86_64","release":"1.el6.centos","state":"u"}},"libpng":{"pending":{"epoch":2,"version":"1.2.48","arch":"x86_64","release":"1.el6_2","state":"ud"}}}
16:58 ironcamel sweet, arch linux has cpanminus in its packages
17:03 ironcamel arch has a mirror next door at virginia tech so downloading/syncing is blazing fast for me
17:14 pdurbin   i've been meaning to try cpanminus for probably 2 years
17:28 ironcamel pdurbin: cpan App::cpanminus
17:48 pdurbin   sub descending { ${$patches_avail_by_host}{$b} ->{yum_updates_avail} <=> ${$patches_avail_by_host}{$a} ->{yum_updates_avail}; }
17:55 pdurbin   ironcamel: yeah, yeah :)
18:02 ironcamel pdurbin: ${$patches_avail_by_host}{$b} is written nicer as $patches_avail_by_host->{$b}
18:03 ironcamel pdurbin: $patches_avail_by_host->{$b}{yum_updates_avail} is what you want
18:04 ironcamel the subsequent ->'s are unnecessary
18:12 pdurbin   ironcamel: you're right. thanks!!
18:13 ironcamel np
18:14 pdurbin   ran it through perlcritic just now too. i love perlcritic
18:14 ironcamel yeah, it's pretty nice
18:15 ironcamel pdurbin: would perlcritic give you the same suggestion i did? for the code you posted
18:15 pdurbin   nope :(
18:15 pdurbin   you provide a value add ;)
18:15 ironcamel hehe
18:17 ironcamel pdurbin: just remember, for multi-dimensional arrayrefs, you access items via $arrayref->[1]{foo}[42]
18:17 ironcamel for hashrefs: $hashref->{foo}[22]{bar}
18:17 pdurbin   how could i ever forget that? ;)
18:17 ironcamel thats a hash of arrays of hashes
18:18 ironcamel if you have a %hash instead of a $hashref, just leave off the -> ... $hash{foo}[22]{bar}
18:18 ironcamel the -> operator dereferences a ref, similar to c++
18:19 pdurbin   right
19:09 pdurbin   nice, my buddy's project, packetfence, selected 3 google summer of code students: http://www.packetfence.org/news/2012/article/packetfence-selects-3-students-projects-as-part-of-google-summer-of-code.html
19:33 ironcamel magoo_: you may be interested to know that lucidchart is integrated with google drive
19:33 ironcamel lucidchart is a pretty cool online collaborative diagramming tool
19:34 ironcamel i should say it is integrated with google docs
19:36 ironcamel i did get a google drive invite. looking forward to playing with that.
19:39 pdurbin   Online Diagram & Flowchart Software | Lucidchart - http://www.lucidchart.com