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14:54 pdurbin       matt1337357: fyi, i believe whorka has an arduino...
14:55 SEJeff_work   speaking of, when is Android@HOME going to take off?
15:01 matt1337357   pdurbin: i know - I actually have his book for projects...
15:02 matt1337357   I don't know how interested I am in the arduino anymore now that the raspberry pi is coming out
15:02 matt1337357   cost of arduino board vs. cost of raspberrypi is absurd considering one has ethernet, sound out, and 1080p hdmi out...
15:03 matt1337357   my buddy started making a robot arm out of an arduino and a multiplexer
15:03 matt1337357   i should actually check up on how that project's going...
16:04 pdurbin       matt1337357: i'd love a raspberry pi demo some day
16:06 pdurbin       just listed to a great talk by https://github.com/jabrcx who was using Slidy for his slides: http://www.w3.org/Talks/Tools/#slidy
16:06 pdurbin       s/listed/listened/
17:27 pdurbin       shuff: "An open source biomedical research community that started in 2005, the Synaptic Leap (see below), has as its motto the quote "None of us is as smart as all of us" (This quote has an uncertain attribution. Some sources credit Robert Oppenheimer, some that it is a Japanese Proverb)." --Open access and open source in chemistry - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1975827/
17:27 pdurbin       this is the quote i was telling you about over lunch
17:28 pdurbin       how i'm thinking of changing one of crimsonfu's guiding principles from "strength in numbers" to "none of us is as smart as all of us"
17:40 SEJeff_work   How about: A million monkeys with a million type writers...
17:51 pdurbin       :)
18:00 ventz         How about...TWO million monkeys with TWO million type writers...
18:01 SEJeff_work   touche!
18:03 matt1337357   how about 1 monkey and 1 typewriter and a lot of time
18:05 SEJeff_work   So 1 monkey, 1 typewriter, and some time walk into a bar. The beginning of a bad joke.
18:06 matt1337357   how long do you think it would take for the monkey to write a funny ending to that joke?
18:07 matt1337357   :/
18:07 ventz         heh
18:07 SEJeff_work   longer than longcat
18:07 ventz         let's really throw a curve ball -- two million monkeys but only one million type writters
18:07 SEJeff_work   pair programming!
18:07 ventz         but one of the monkeys has been under the direct leadership of steve jobs
18:11 SEJeff_work   They'll be 50% more productive and have a 50% shorter lifespan due to committing suicide?
18:15 SEJeff_work   Any logstash and/or graphite users here?
19:35 pdurbin       agoddard loves him some logstash
19:37 SEJeff_work   I'm a bit annoyed that graylog2 won't do the right thing and parse syslog lines from central syslog aggregators. The upstream tells me I have to put logstash between the syslog-ng aggregator and graylog2 just to get the proper hostnames
19:37 pdurbin       "SEJeff_work: Not really sold on logstash" -- http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-04-13#i_5438593
19:38 SEJeff_work   Well that was logstash + logstash web
19:38 SEJeff_work   logstash web is the suck, logstash + kibana is pretty nice, but for our uses, graylog2 is a far superior user experience. I still like kibana quite a bit
19:40 SEJeff_work   Just wondering if there is a sane config / tutorial on feeding logstash syslog over the wire instead of via a file and running some grok rules for our custom timestamp format. There isn't anywhere on the internets that has an example of hte proper syslog-ng template to send to logstash, so things are a bit suck
19:47 agoddard      logstash filter
19:47 agoddard      then logstash output -> graylog GELF
19:48 agoddard      if you wanna be insane hardcore, logstash filter via zeromq 0_o
19:49 SEJeff_work   Well logstash and graylog are running on the same host
19:49 SEJeff_work   agoddard, I'll take a look at that. Thanks
20:17 pdurbin       SEJeff_work: you could go ask in ##infra-talk here on freenode and report back. http://infra-talk.org
20:18 SEJeff_work   True, good peeps like vvuksan hang out there a lot
20:18 pdurbin       ##infra-talk is great but last i checked it isn't logged
20:19 pdurbin       "need to ask rest of channel how they feel abt the idea" -- http://twitter.com/ripienaar/status/171202817808269312
20:26 pdurbin       yep, he's in my list of people that seem quite active in ##infra-talk: auxesis Cope masterzen mconigliaro Mithrandir nico PiyushK Ramereth robinbowes russss sdog tazz thom unixdaemon Volcane vvuksan whack z00dax6
20:31 SEJeff_work   He is one of the lead ganglia developers
20:31 SEJeff_work   and he did the ganglia-web rewrite himself
20:37 pdurbin       nice. we make heavy use of ganglia: http://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/ganglia
20:38 SEJeff_work   As do we
20:38 SEJeff_work   And you use vvuksan's new graphite-web
20:38 pdurbin       that's where this graph came from: http://crimsonfu.github.com/images/rcss4-network_report-last-2hr-1333475820.png
20:38 SEJeff_work   I've got a few shite patches in that webui or in the core, but nothing extensive. Not a huge php fan
20:39 pdurbin       oh, i didn't even know it's php
20:39 SEJeff_work   Yup
20:48 matt1337357   I used to be a php developer
20:48 matt1337357   forever ago
20:49 matt1337357   and just slowly made transitions out of it. php is kinda whatever
20:49 matt1337357   I only write tiny php scripts to ajax in nowadays
20:49 SEJeff_work   There was an article recently that had some awful php hate
20:49 SEJeff_work   Most of it was wrong
20:50 SEJeff_work   xmlhttprequest + jQuery <3
20:50 matt1337357   it's easy to hate php now that ajax is everywhere
20:50 matt1337357   it's just like "why?"
20:50 SEJeff_work   Or it's easy to hate php now that php is everywhere
20:50 matt1337357   i use it mostly to get meta-data and then handle all of it in javascript
20:50 matt1337357   yea... the entirity of the world swears by drupal now
20:50 matt1337357   makes me cringe
20:51 * SEJeff_work uses django for ajax serverside
20:51 matt1337357   hm
20:51 matt1337357   i tried django and wasn't crazy about it
20:51 matt1337357   i'd like to get into node
20:51 SEJeff_work   when?
20:51 matt1337357   like... wow
20:51 matt1337357   4 years ago?
20:51 SEJeff_work   node just seems like doing it wrong all over
20:51 SEJeff_work   Oh yeah ha
20:51 matt1337357   well - that's a good question
20:51 SEJeff_work   It has made itsself not suck since then
20:51 matt1337357   for non-web servers i love it
20:51 SEJeff_work   it being django
20:52 matt1337357   gotcha
20:52 matt1337357   i'm going afk
20:52 matt1337357   talk to you later
20:52 * SEJeff_work waves