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13:50 pdurbin     +1 to "Today I'm girding my loins for battle against our troublesome Cisco UCS C210, id rather be hacking code in #crimsonfu https://github.com/crimsonfu" -- http://twitter.com/paxindustria/status/191847194465275905
14:13 pdurbin     i just love ikiwiki: cat faq.mdwn | markdown | elinks --stdin --dump
14:19 SEJeff_work useless use of cat!
14:19 SEJeff_work markdown $file | elinks ...
14:23 pdurbin     touche :)
14:32 pdurbin     Useless use of "useless use" - http://web.archive.org/web/20090501231341/http://blog.jrock.us/articles/Useless%20use%20of%20%22useless%20use%22.pod
14:36 pdurbin     "I think it's worth wasting the 4 bytes of memory that cat uses for this readability improvement."
14:41 SEJeff_work No!!11! Fap fap fap!
14:41 SEJeff_work HAHAHAHAHA
14:42 SEJeff_work *shrug* I'm "that guy" who uses awk instead of perl, just because
14:42 SEJeff_work But other than 1 off viewing or cat -A, cat isn't needed as much as so many people think it is. Almost every normal shell utility that accepts input via stdin also accepts a filename
15:36 pdurbin     i tend to build up commands:  cmd | cmd | cmd | cmd
15:36 pdurbin     happy day when i switched from `for i in` to `while read i`
15:39 SEJeff_work MAX_ARGS pain?
15:39 SEJeff_work or whitespace stuff
15:47 pdurbin     i mean just keeping the pipeline going...
15:47 pdurbin     it all starts with cat :)
15:47 pdurbin     or whatever
16:44 pdurbin     useful if you're stuck behind a firewall: https://github.com/blog/642-smart-http-support