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12:59 Pax         morning
13:01 pdurbin     morning! playing with salt states!! http://irclog.perlgeek.de/salt/2012-04-12#i_5432258
13:08 Pax         hey cool!
13:08 pdurbin     it's super easy
13:09 pdurbin     and everything i need so far is in epel
13:10 pdurbin     gonna see how far i can get translating this puppet manifest into salt states: http://git.greptilian.com/?p=grinfra.git;a=blob;f=puppet/modules/server1/manifests/init.pp;hb=HEAD
13:17 shuff       oh hey pdurbin, check out http://taskwarrior.org <http://taskwarrior.org/>
13:17 shuff       Todo.txt made significantly more awesome :)
13:18 pdurbin     shuff: huh. ok
13:18 pdurbin     Pax: here is are the salt states i've stubbed out so far: http://server1.greptilian.com/srv/salt/
13:24 pdurbin     here's how i installed a package (screen): http://server1.greptilian.com/scratch/salt-install-package.txt
13:24 pdurbin     stupid vps.v2s.org.  i'm not sure why it says that rather than server1.greptilian.com...
13:57 westmaas    pdurbin: have you tried setting up openstack outside of devstack?
14:04 pdurbin     westmaas: i'm working on it. being a centos shop, i'm a bit blocked on ubuntu
14:05 pdurbin     last week i added the right ubuntu to cobbler.  fiddled and fiddled and got a vm to install.  now on to an installation on a physical server
14:05 westmaas    meaning you are trying to do this on ubuntu even though you are a centos shop?
14:13 pdurbin     yes. i thought i had to... "This is a tutorial style beginner's guide for OpenStack™ on Ubuntu 11.10" -- http://docs.openstack.org/diablo/openstack-compute/starter/content/index.html
14:13 pdurbin     that's the guide i plan to follow
14:15 westmaas    gotcha, yeah, to follow that guide you maybe do.
14:15 westmaas    rpms are in EPEL for stable releases though
14:16 pdurbin     is there a guide for centos?
14:16 westmaas    I'd guess once you are through the installation/configuration pieces it doesn't matter
14:16 westmaas    not yet
14:16 pdurbin     please let me know when the guide for centos has been written :)
14:17 westmaas    haha
14:17 westmaas    k
14:40 SEJeff      Hey pdurbin, thanks for introducing me to crimsonfu
14:41 SEJeff      I'm a sysadmin, and I code.
14:41 pdurbin     SEJeff: welcome! like #salt, we log this channel too
14:41 SEJeff      Thats cool
14:41 SEJeff      But I prefer the term: Systems Engineer for a sysadmin who codes
14:41 SEJeff      DevOps is a buzzword
14:41 pdurbin     yeah, i'm a little down on devops as a term
14:42 pdurbin     i can't bring myself to call myself an engineer
14:42 * pdurbin   tears up RHCE cert
14:43 SEJeff      After spending almost 2.5 years building a vendor agnostic network config management system (glorified python + pexpect library + django + jQuery)... I think it is fair to call one's self an engineer
14:43 SEJeff      Especially if you write more code than do day to day ops work
14:43 SEJeff      But it is all semantics.
14:44 pdurbin     fine, but architects build buildings
14:44 SEJeff      I wouldn't dare call myself an architect :)
14:44 SEJeff      More like a builder
14:44 pdurbin     a maker
14:44 SEJeff      Ever read Dune?
14:44 pdurbin     i've heard of it
14:44 SEJeff      sadness
14:45 SEJeff      A maker is a giant sand worm that eats things walking along in the desert
14:46 pdurbin     i just stick with sysadmin, usually
14:47 shuff       SEJeff: welcome!  the spice must flow
14:47 matt1337357 I've always more strongly identified with the House Harkonnen
14:48 SEJeff      matt1337357, Hopefully not the Baron
14:49 SEJeff      shuff, control the spice, control the universe
14:50 SEJeff      pdurbin, So #salt is always looking for smart sysadmins, developers, or just plain users to help us shape the future of the project. Any suggestions so far?
14:52 pdurbin     hmm, i struggled a tiny bit with the docs. i guess i should actually read them instead of just typing whatever is in a <code> tag ;)
14:53 pdurbin     i think you salt guys are doing great
14:53 pdurbin     we've using it often across ~1700 hosts
14:54 pdurbin     there is a bug you could fix for me...
14:55 westmaas    people in my office keep asking if the devs are gonna get things to the devops guys or the system engineers are going to get stuff over to the devops guys
14:55 pdurbin     this one: Issue #891: Salt-master stops responding - [FIXED with libzmq 2.1.11] · saltstack/salt: https://github.com/saltstack/salt/issues/891
14:55 westmaas    :(
14:55 pdurbin     SEJeff: because we keep having to restart the salt master :(
14:57 SEJeff      pdurbin, Thats shite
14:57 SEJeff      How often does it happen?
14:57 pdurbin     ya know...
14:58 pdurbin     i always just restart the master every time i go to use it
14:58 SEJeff      It is a bug in zeromq, but still, complete shite
14:58 SEJeff      :(
14:58 pdurbin     we've been putting off documenting how to use salt for the rest of our team until this is fixed
14:59 pdurbin     we includes a guy who's not in the room at the moment, but usually is.  here, i shared his g+ post about salt: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/YbCriPJCmqy
15:00 pdurbin     15 minutes vs. 6 seconds.  salt ftw
15:00 SEJeff      indeed
15:01 SEJeff      Our production is 1800 servers
15:01 SEJeff      Well a few more, but it varies. Around that
15:02 pdurbin     is there an upstream zeromq bug?
15:02 SEJeff      pdurbin, And you've upped the sysctls, right?
15:03 SEJeff      Supposedly, upstream fixed it in zeromq 3.1 for good.
15:03 SEJeff      keyword
15:06 pdurbin     keyword?
15:06 SEJeff      Keyword being supposedly
15:06 pdurbin     ah. but no bug number
15:07 SEJeff      pdurbin, I don't know the upstream bug. Tom spoke with the 0mq upstream about it. There was also a mailinglist post about it. Did you try upping the sysctls?
15:07 SEJeff      http://readthedocs.org/docs/salt/en/v0.9.8/topics/troubleshooting/#salt-master-stops-responding
15:08 pdurbin     hmm, didn't know about that doc. thanks. trying to summon the guy who would know if we upped the sysctls
15:09 pdurbin     i'm just the idea guy. the one who listens to floss weekly :)
15:09 SEJeff      Oh ha!
15:09 SEJeff      Randall (Schwartz) works pretty close to here actually. I've went out a few times for drinks with him. Nice guy
15:10 pdurbin     i tried to say hi to him at the sunset grill during a boston perlmongers meeting but he was very busy
15:11 SEJeff      He lives in PDX and works near LAX
15:11 pdurbin     he does seem very nice
15:11 SEJeff      Super commuter
15:13 pdurbin     argh. stupid bios stopped responding. westmaas: i'm getting ubuntu on that physical host
15:15 pdurbin     shuff and whorka: i miss having real console access. this dell java console thing is terrible
15:16 shuff       :(
15:16 shuff       if it makes you feel any better
15:16 SEJeff      pdurbin, What kind of servers? Dell R6xx R7xx and R8xx have the Drac and serial works like a champ
15:16 shuff       imagine when all the systems are in Holyoke
15:17 pdurbin     Dell PowerEdge C5125
15:18 pdurbin     restarted firefox and i'm back in business
15:18 SEJeff      Haven't played with the dell blade-ish stuff like that
15:19 pdurbin     SEJeff: but you have real console access? i'm used to a wire going to a serial port
15:19 SEJeff      pdurbin, Yeah via an ethernet cable plugged into an opengear serial concentrator
15:19 SEJeff      Every server in our firm has a serial connection this way setup to 115200 baud
15:19 pdurbin     right, for us it was avocent. for whorka it still is
15:20 pdurbin     yeah, same same
15:20 SEJeff      pdurbin, We used avocent's cyclades eons ago. They are 2x as expensive and not as easy to deal with compared to the opengear console servers
15:21 pdurbin     good to know
15:30 SEJeff      Also unlike the cyclades, opengear's software is actively developed and they add features. Just a better product.
15:33 pdurbin     cool
15:34 pdurbin     SEJeff: i don't see anything about sysctl in our salt::master puppet class. definitely worth a shot
15:34 SEJeff      For sure
15:41 pdurbin     how strange that "force pxe first" is enabled
15:43 pdurbin     oh good, sjoeboo is here
15:43 sjoeboo     hang on, client update, be right back
15:43 whorka      SEJeff: thanks for the tip. I would love to find a better replacement for Avocent.
15:44 sjoeboo     okay
15:46 sjoeboo     whats up now?
15:46 pdurbin     http://readthedocs.org/docs/salt/en/v0.9.8/topics/troubleshooting/#salt-master-stops-responding
15:47 SEJeff      sjoeboo, Can you enable those sysctls and see if it fixes the "master stops responding" issues with salt?
15:49 sjoeboo     [root@provisions ~]# rpm -qa |grep zeromq
15:49 sjoeboo     zeromq-2.1.9-1.el5
15:49 sjoeboo     so we're certainly behind
15:51 sjoeboo     there done, time to wait and see
15:54 pdurbin     great. thanks
15:57 pdurbin     sjoeboo: SEJeff was asking earlier if we have any suggestions for salt: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-04-12#i_5432697
16:05 sjoeboo     not yet, been too busy with all the other happenings to do much side from executer some things here and there
16:12 pdurbin     yeah, like i said, we've been very impressed with salt's remote execution speed. i'm only just looking at salt's config mgmt features (salt states)
16:14 pdurbin     whorka: how can you ever think of leaving cyclades/avocent/emersonnetworkpower/etc/etc?
16:18 SEJeff      sentry makes pretty good managed power towers as well, but those aren't as important as a good console server
16:19 whorka      agreed. OOBM has saved us when the network was unreliable.
16:20 whorka      does opengear have SSH passthrough to serial?
16:23 SEJeff      They have all of the features cyclades do at about 1/2 the price
16:23 SEJeff      They also have this real crack rdp over serial thing for windows boxes
16:23 SEJeff      if you are that unlucky
16:24 SEJeff      I looked at it once, but we don't have windows servers. I think it creates a network interface over the serial link and then tunnels the rdp traffic. Something crack like that, but they are the only vendor doing it.
16:25 whorka      that's pretty cool. we have a couple managed servers running Windows. their admins might like a more direct access path.
16:27 * pdurbin   daydreams about not having windows servers
16:29 SEJeff      Yup: http://www.opengear.com/News-PR060201.html CTRL f search in that page for RDP-over-serial
17:01 SEJeff      sjoeboo, You know... Looking at https://plus.google.com/103415330307393824597/posts/VDBcjHJ4Hgd , you might be able to speed that up more. You could try bind mounting /var/cache/salt/jobs to /dev/shm or mounting it as tmpfs
17:01 SEJeff      You should be able to do it faster
17:01 sjoeboo     meh, thats far faster than a push run
17:02 sjoeboo     plus the box i've been running this one servers a few other purposes, and is ram heavy, so this is fast enough for now
17:02 pdurbin     SEJeff: you have to understand where we're comin from... :)
17:02 SEJeff      heh
17:02 SEJeff      pdsh is basically ssh, right?
17:02 pdurbin     SEJeff: but in theory, how fast are you thinking? 3 seconds?
17:03 SEJeff      Depends on the hardware and network ultimately
17:03 SEJeff      But why not 3 instead of 6?
17:04 pdurbin     because we're coming from 15 MINUTES :)
17:04 SEJeff      Ha