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14:44 shuff     ok, this may make me disproportionately happy, but finally, at long last, one should be able to `yum install perl-Dancer` on an el5 or el6 system with repoforge and repoforge-extras enabled, and provided you let extras clobber the necessary packages, it should finally Just Work
14:47 ventz     i am trying to make the jump from os x for my primary client to Ubuntu
14:47 ventz     and i am running into 3 "annoyances". Wondering if anyone might have ubuntu desktop knowledge
14:48 ventz     1.) trying to get the terminal colors (color scheme) to be the same as the one form OS X (terminal.app)
14:48 ventz     2.) alternative screen - it seems only a term of VT220 gets rid of it, but then you lose color -- this is quite frustrating actually
14:49 ventz     3.) small things: firefox in linux doesn't seem to accept ctrl+a and ctrl+e for start and end of line.
21:18 ventz     keynav has become my new favorite program
21:28 ironcamel ventz: what do you use keynav for?
21:30 ironcamel or even better, how do you use it
21:31 ironcamel i think since i use openbox, that keynav is unnecessary for me
21:31 ironcamel i already have alt-{h,j,k,l} mapped to switching to window in the corresponding direction