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16:48 ironcamel  the ack website got a nice update http://betterthangrep.com/
16:53 pdurbin    huh. so it did!
18:09 pdurbin    much faster: tar -cf - Shared | tar -xf - -C /rcss4/my_destination http://crimsonfu.github.com/images/rcss4-network_report-last-2hr-1333475820.png
18:12 pdurbin    belongs on http://www.flickr.com/groups/webopsviz/
18:19 shuff      hey folks
18:20 shuff      agoddard: ownCloud looks AWESOME, well done
18:21 agoddard   I'm all for taking credit, but.. what's ownCloud? :-/
18:22 shuff      huh: ventz was telling me that you were one of the developers
18:22 shuff      perhaps he was mistaken (unthinkable!)
18:22 shuff      in any event, it appears to be an open-source Dropbox++
18:22 agoddard   ah, you mean lipsync?
18:23 agoddard   That's fak3r's tool
18:23 agoddard   (unless the github key auth bug meant someone is committing as me ;)
18:33 pdurbin    agoddard: how come no fak3r in this channel?
18:34 * agoddard asks fak3r
18:35 agoddard   he says... standby, I'm updating my websites
18:36 shuff      ok, got it
18:40 agoddard   fak3r inbound.
18:43 shuff      hey folks: if you have any interest in the Puppet Labs stdlib, please upvote a feature request i just submitted: https://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/13601
18:44 ironcamel  just use chef
18:44 shuff      :)
18:44 agoddard   ironcamel: b00m! ^^
18:44 agoddard   +1
18:44 agoddard   ;)
18:44 ironcamel  then you can inline ruby :)
18:45 shuff      every time i use inline_template() i feel vaguely uncomfortable
18:46 pdurbin    (02:40:01 PM) James Cuff: pdurbin: another devops graph: http://micro.jcuff.net/and-down-it-goes
18:47 * agoddard checks eol hosts
18:48 shuff      bet it's not so hot in there now :)
18:48 agoddard   fak3r joined
18:48 fak3r      hey
18:48 pdurbin    agoddard: i was confused myself.  seems to be from june 2011 :)
18:49 agoddard   phew
18:49 * pdurbin  thinks happy thoughts
19:43 ventz      shuff: you got your names confused. Credit for: lipsync
19:45 ventz      shuff: i want to vote up your issue, but puppet's website makes even this hard to find :)