Time  Nick      Message
16:15 pdurbin   http://fak3r.com/2009/09/14/howto-build-your-own-open-source-dropbox-clone/
16:37 agoddard  http://lipsync.it
16:40 pdurbin   i have uncovered the intersection of YAML and Markdown
16:40 pdurbin   gave sjoeboo a demo :)
16:42 pdurbin   now it i could only remember the command ironcamel taught me. to paste. . .  unpaste. . no. .  nopaste!
16:42 pdurbin   http://pastie.org/3698880
16:43 pdurbin   so that's valid YAML.  but it's also valid Markdown!
16:43 pdurbin   human readable, machine parseable, hierarchical
16:45 pdurbin   whoops!  slightly better version: http://pastie.org/3698895
16:50 pdurbin   stored in git, rendered into markdown by ikiwiki :)
19:53 ironcamel pdurbin: i dropped lmp-legacy into apache's doc root and no luck :(
19:53 ironcamel pdurbin: do you know the deb package for php?
20:47 pdurbin   ironcamel: heading out very soon. do you have PHP PDO installed?
21:14 ironcamel pdurbin: no
21:20 ironcamel pdurbin: the browser is trying to download the php files when i try to go to the site