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13:33 pdurbin shuff: added "call tcomment#DefineType('mkd', '> %s')" to the bottom of tcomment_vim/plugin/tcomment.vim per the author's suggestion. blockquote toggle working now. "vim7.3 comes with markdown syntax & ftplugin (that's where commentstring should be set) files" but i'm using vim7.2.411
13:34 shuff   that procedure sounds vaguely familiar
13:34 pdurbin now it has been captured for the ages
13:35 pdurbin i'm sure to start using blockquote in markdown now, which will be very nice
15:07 pdurbin shuff: what version of vim are you using?
15:10 shuff   7.3.401 (MacVim)
15:16 pdurbin setlocal comments=fb:*,fb:-,fb:+,n:> commentstring=>\ %s is in ftplugin/markdown.vim from stock vim: http://code.google.com/p/vim/source/browse/runtime/ftplugin/markdown.vim?spec=svn8b8ef1fed009b2e2175206c89b76d907f1a31dbb&r=8b8ef1fed009b2e2175206c89b76d907f1a31dbb#13
19:44 pdurbin "A News (NNTP) error occurred: load at 16.93, try later"
19:44 pdurbin i don't see that every day
20:02 pdurbin http://comcastisfuckingwithyourport53traffic.wordpress.com
20:13 pdurbin thinking way too hard about DNS today
20:14 shuff   today? what is going on with DNS for you?
20:14 pdurbin oh, internal vs. external views
20:15 shuff   oh, fun
20:15 pdurbin i'm used to DNS being someone else's problem ;)
20:15 shuff   ha!