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12:13 pdurbin   ironcamel: `yum install ack` does the job in rpm-land
14:59 ironcamel pdurbin: i know, i meant on debian, they screwed up. they call it ack-grep or something.
15:01 ironcamel and then after you install it, you probably would want to create an alias so you don't have to type ack-grep each time. but running cpanm ack will install the latest ack for you and place it in your sytem path
15:04 pdurbin   ironcamel: out of the box, you have to type `ack-grep myString myfile.txt`? that's dumb
15:06 shuff     this frustrates the heck out of me
15:07 shuff     i would have preferred that they simply make it conflict with the preexisting "ack" package
15:13 pdurbin   those damn packagers
15:16 shuff     srsly
17:21 pdurbin   has anyone tried this? Sensu, a monitoring framework - PorterTech - http://portertech.ca/2011/11/01/sensu-a-monitoring-framework/
17:24 pdurbin   Sensu competes with nagios.  it uses messaging (AMQP rather than ZeroMQ, like salt uses)
17:25 pdurbin   i heard about Sensu at http://devopscafe.org/show/2012/3/16/devops-cafe-episode-24.html
17:28 pdurbin   westmaas or ironcamel: openstack uses AMQP (with RabbitMQ). i'd be curious to hear what you think about AMQP vs. ZeroMQ
17:29 pdurbin   looks like i should just start by reading http://nichol.as/zeromq-an-introduction
17:30 westmaas  I haven't explored it too much - but I think someone just implemented zeromq support for nova
17:36 pdurbin   interesting. thanks
17:36 ironcamel pdurbin: i am a big fan of the stomp protocol
17:37 ironcamel http://stomp.github.com/
17:37 ironcamel it is text oriented like http, and like json it has a super simple spec
17:39 pdurbin   it even has text in the name :)
17:39 ironcamel you can even (and I have done this for debugging) telnet to a stomp server and interact with it
17:41 pdurbin   on the previous devops cafe podcast ( http://devopscafe.org/show/2012/3/5/devops-cafe-episode-23.html ) Ben Rockwood was arguing that every sysadmin should get to know messaging protocols
18:36 pdurbin   i bet agoddard has looked at sensu...
18:37 agoddard  sensu is awesomesauce
18:37 agoddard  I lost my IRC scrollback - not awesome
18:37 agoddard  oh wait, logs.. awesome :D
18:37 pdurbin   heh. logs ftw!  \o/
18:38 agoddard  nice, just read them. yeppers, sensu is awesome, @portertech is the man
18:38 agoddard  he was in Boston last week, next time he's around we should have some beers up there
18:39 pdurbin   too bad we missed him. yes, beers for all
18:39 pdurbin   his company is based in newton
18:39 agoddard  I'm working at the moment on replacing nagios with sensu, and then replacing collectd etc with metrics pulled from sensu checks into graphite (and then openTSDB when I get my hbase a** into gear)
18:39 pdurbin   says they have hack fests in boston. i tweeted at him about it
18:39 agoddard  ya, Sonian, they do some pretty cool stuff with scaling. portertech is based in Vancouver but travels to the HQ sometimes
18:39 pdurbin   see, i knew agoddard would be all over this :)
18:39 agoddard  :D
18:41 agoddard  currently we lose our nagios server (happened a few times) and we don't know until we realize it's been a little too quiet on the pager front
18:42 pdurbin   heh. i guess a little noise is ok :)
18:42 agoddard  hmm.. the last message didn't send.. fu irccloud. /me tries again:
18:42 agoddard  "currently we roll two nagios servers, one @ RC and one at MBL.. with Sensu it'll all be the same system, using our existing AMQP queues to send checks from RC to CLI. If either site goes down, or any of the tunnels, then multiple instances will be able to see it and hit the alarm"
18:42 agoddard  there we go
18:42 pdurbin   nice. what are you using for AMQP?
18:43 agoddard  rabbitmq
18:43 agoddard  we had some existing rabbitmq infrastructure for a rails app, so decided to keep it simple, it's been pretty reliable
18:44 pdurbin   cool, cool. yeah, like i was saying earlier, openstack uses rabbitmq
18:44 shuff     in my admittedly limited experience, rabbitmq was easier to set up than amqp
18:44 agoddard  how's openstack working out for you guys?
18:46 pdurbin   i thought rabbitmq was an implementation of amqp...
18:47 agoddard  +1, just uses the AMQ(Protocol)
18:48 pdurbin   agoddard: i'm waiting for a couple test networks per http://docs.openstack.org/diablo/openstack-compute/starter/content/Introduction-d1e390.html
18:49 shuff     hello?
18:49 agoddard  shuff: yo
18:49 shuff     ok good - just disconnected and *appeared* to reconnect
18:50 agoddard  pdurbin: cool, can't remember if I've already mentioned it, but I'm super keen on looking at iSCSI LUN backed storage or iSCSI backed LVM storage for VMs with OpenStack
18:50 pdurbin   agoddard: you mentioned. the irclogs never forget :)
18:50 agoddard  pdurbin: oh ya, the logs again, damn.. they're helpful
18:51 pdurbin   and pretty much, i think we might be looking at something similar
18:51 agoddard  +10000
18:51 * pdurbin nudges sjoeboo, points at whiteboard
18:51 sjoeboo   yeah....
18:51 sjoeboo   sigh
18:51 shuff     right now right now right now
18:51 pdurbin   agoddard: what's your iSCSI hardware? some dell array?
18:51 sjoeboo   need to get into those md3000i's...
18:52 agoddard  ya, we have two md3220i's with additional 1220 shelves
18:52 pdurbin   ok, very similar
18:52 agoddard  the 3220's are full of 2.5" 146GB 15kSAS, the 1220's are full of 500GB NL-SAS
18:53 agoddard  we have one 3220 in production and one just sitting there waiting for us to get our openstack asses into gear.
18:54 sjoeboo   10 md3000i's i think 1TB drives, 10GB backend network
18:55 agoddard  nice!
18:56 sjoeboo   sadly, the kvm front ends we need to move to, at least until we unwired some shit, are far far away from the isolated backend network
19:07 pdurbin   shuff: do you still use nagstamon?
19:08 shuff     i tried it out under OS X (i don't currently have a linux workstation at my desk), but it's not as nicely integrated as it is with GNOME
19:08 pdurbin   ok, i think sjoeboo was going to try on OS X too
19:09 sjoeboo   they have a dmg
19:09 sjoeboo   works, after a zero install….install
19:09 sjoeboo   but yeah, semi-meh
19:09 sjoeboo   might look for an osx altenative...
19:10 pdurbin   "It is inspired by Nagios Checker for Firefox" -- http://nagstamon.ifw-dresden.de
19:10 pdurbin   https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/nagios-checker/
19:11 sjoeboo   firefox meh
19:11 sjoeboo   ha
19:11 sjoeboo   kiding, mostly
19:11 pdurbin   it better to have that addon in some other browser anyway. it's a hog
19:12 pdurbin   and will require you to restart firefox at least once a day
19:12 pdurbin   i'm really selling it...