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12:49 pdurbin      need to figure out how to tell thunderbird i prefer american spelling over british
12:50 pdurbin      whoa! somehow it was on English/Zimbabwe! no wonder i was seeing strange results
13:06 pdurbin      sjoeboo: here's me tweeting at the guy who ostensibly has a nice BIND+git setup: http://twitter.com//philipdurbin/status/180763979310837761
13:07 pdurbin      should lead you back to http://serverfault.com/questions/168144/managing-zone-files/179747#179747
13:39 pdurbin      The integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS) is software middleware that manages a highly controlled collection of distributed digital objects, while enforcing user-defined Management Policies across the multiple storage locations https://www.irods.org/index.php/What_is_the_iRODS_Data_System%3F
13:48 pdurbin      whorka: to answer your question from the other day, yes, our "itc" nodes are connected via infiniband: http://blog.jcuff.net/2012/03/local-scratch-turned-up-to-11-thanks.html
13:50 PaxIndustria morning
13:51 pdurbin      morning. i looked through your script, PaxIndustria. looks handy
13:51 pdurbin      and i see you proudly linked to it from your crimsonfu members page :)
17:46 PaxIndustria LOL Hey I', here to help!
18:38 pdurbin      i wonder if i can tell `python -mjson.tool` not to sort anything
19:19 pdurbin      hmm, coreutils-8.4-16.el6.x86_64 has timeout(1) but coreutils-5.97-23.el5_6.4 does not
19:21 pdurbin      ( cat /proc/mdstat ) & sleep 5 ; kill $!
19:26 pdurbin      ( tcpdump -u -vv -tt -i bond0 port 2049 >> /tmp/$(hostname).2049 ) & sleep 5; kill $!
19:30 pdurbin      via http://stackoverflow.com/questions/601543/command-line-command-to-auto-kill-a-command-after-a-certain-amount-of-time/637753#637753
20:29 pdurbin      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalability#Weak_versus_strong_scaling
20:33 pdurbin      new facter fact :) . . . date --date=@`rpm -q --qf '%{INSTALLTIME}' basesystem` +%F
20:52 * pdurbin    runs /names. i can hear you breathing. good night, crimsonfu! :)
21:29 PaxIndustria LOL your outa control