Time  Nick    Message
13:35 pdurbin tooting my own horn about how i'm in http://www.iana.org/assignments/enterprise-numbers :P
17:17 pdurbin Pax: when are you moving to logstash?
17:46 pdurbin scares me a bit when i stumble upon a regex i wrote that i have to think about to understand months later
17:54 pdurbin http://blog dot jamesdotcuff dot net: glusterfs @ 80TB in seconds flat - http://blog.jcuff.net/2012/03/glusterfs-80tb-in-seconds-flat.html
18:39 whorka  Neat. Was just hearing about glusterfs from our regional Red Hat rep.
18:40 pdurbin whorka: did you ever play with moosefs? shuff and i had a mini cluster between our workstations
18:41 whorka  no, but I did play with gfs in one of the RH training sessions
18:41 pdurbin nice
19:26 pdurbin handy to be able to put comments right in your iptables rules: http://rackerhacker.com/2010/07/26/adding-comments-to-iptables-rules/
20:57 pdurbin nmap -oG - -p 22 localhost