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14:59 pdurbin What is DevOps not? - http://www.brunton-spall.co.uk/post/2011/09/24/what-is-devops-not/
17:32 pdurbin i love that we have C programmers: https://github.com/pedmon/showq/blob/master/showq.c
17:48 pdurbin Welcome to Gentoo is Rice, the Volume goes to 11 here. - http://funroll-loops.info
18:33 pdurbin 'PWM is an open source password self service application for LDAP directories. PWM is an ideal candidate for organizations that wish to "role their own" password self service solution, but do not wish to start from scratch' -- http://code.google.com/p/pwm/
18:40 whorka  That could be a likely candidate to replace our in-house LDAP password change web form.
18:41 pdurbin whorka: hey! i wrote that! ;)  well, one of them :)
18:47 pdurbin whorka: have you actually looked at pwm? it's java, you know...
18:51 whorka  ah, well, we just hired a Java dev
18:56 pdurbin have you looked at OpenIDM? http://openidm.forgerock.org
19:00 whorka  not so much. gotta run to a meeting but I'll check it out later.