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14:03 pdurbin the fix for my drupal permissions problem: UPDATE node_access SET gid = 0;
14:23 pdurbin mysterious tweet from one of the heads of centos: "Just realised that its been an extremely busy first 2 months in 2012 for #CentOS, lots of great things coming up (specially #cloud stuff)" -- http://twitter.com/kbsingh/status/177599296999403522
14:27 shuff   iiiiiinteresting
14:27 shuff   i am so out of date with whatever is going on in CentOS-land
14:28 pdurbin think centos will package up ovirt?
14:29 shuff   i think a necessary prerequisite would be the abilitiy to build oVirt on RHEL
14:29 pdurbin well, oVirt is the upstream version of RHEV, right?
14:29 shuff   is it?  i have no idea
14:29 shuff   that would make sense
14:47 pdurbin listened to the floss weekly on ovirt. it runs on jboss
14:49 shuff   i suppose it cannot be helped
14:52 pdurbin oh oh, i mentioned crimsonfu on stack overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9612235/what-are-some-good-ways-to-implement-breadcrumbs-on-a-jekyll-site
14:53 pdurbin maybe all you rubyists can improve the breadcrumb implementation on our site: https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/blob/master/_includes/breadcrumbs.html
18:18 shuff   agperson: thanks, that's what i was looking for
20:02 pdurbin shuff: wrong window?
20:02 pdurbin i just migrated 1006 drupal pages into ikiwiki
20:08 shuff   nope! he sent me an email
20:08 shuff   yay ikiwiki, boo drupal
20:12 pdurbin 7.3 MB with .git, 5.6 MB if i `rm -rf .git`. only a handful of images right now. hoping to keep this thing pretty lean and mean