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06:09 ventz   git has officially pissed me off
06:09 ventz   pretty much unless you are using github, it's a piece of shit software when it comes to server compatability
13:27 pdurbin ventz: server incompatibility with git?
13:43 pdurbin agoddard: https://github.com/agoddard/PassNG seems interesting but. . . lots of dependencies
13:57 Pax     morning
14:05 pdurbin morning
14:30 pdurbin finally getting around to adding "--type-set=puppet=.pp" to ~/.ackrc
14:32 shuff   \o/
14:34 pdurbin shuff: much stuff in your .ackrc?
14:35 shuff   $ cat .ackrc
14:35 shuff   --type-set=puppet=.pp
14:35 shuff   --type-set=rpm=.rpm,.spec
14:35 shuff   --type-set=spec=.spec
14:35 shuff   not too much
14:35 pdurbin yeah, it's pretty usable out of the box
14:40 pdurbin shuff: what hint? (from yesterday)
14:57 shuff   the hint is "yes, you should" :)
14:58 pdurbin ah. ok :)
15:22 pdurbin hmm. nice article on overcommitment of memory (and cpu) with kvm http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Virtualization_Administration_Guide/sect-Virtualization-Tips_and_tricks-Overcommitting_with_KVM.html
16:39 ventz   pdurbin: yea, it reminds me of SVN 10+ years ago
16:39 ventz   so basically, to me only 2 methods of "exposure" are realistic - http and ssh
16:40 ventz   in order to have http -- easy enough, drop in a webroot -- ok, strange, why not have it like an app (like svn) -- oh wait, that's where gitweb comes in -- hack on top of a poorly made decision, ok, so now how do we write back? yet another hack, webdav, ok, sort of works, most of the time, it's super inneficient, and oh wait, git has problems on it's own too that cause other problems (put bugs and pack -- which uncover an apache bug...story for another
16:41 ventz   so now, ssh -- ok, works PERFECTLY, but doesn't play well with anything else? why? because the other methods are hacks on top of poorly made decisions
16:41 ventz   so, in order for me to:
16:41 ventz   1.) provide ssh access for making changes, 2.) provide http access (which stays updated after ssh pushes) for get access, and 3.) provide a web view -- something always ends up breaking
17:32 pdurbin ventz: why do your users need http access to git?
17:48 pdurbin just do it like github does. that's what i'm trying to do here. and it's working, more or less
18:17 pdurbin hmm. How do large organizations with large turnover and many systems perform account provisioning? - Server Fault - http://serverfault.com/questions/198389/how-do-large-organizations-with-large-turnover-and-many-systems-perform-account
18:56 ventz   pdurbin: i have a box that i don't want to give users ssh accounts to (mostly b/c it's ldap based, has other access, complicated, etc... -- htaccess file is just much easier)
18:57 ventz   The problem comes when you push with ssh, it breaks gitweb, and if you fix the permissions there, it breaks git over http -- it's outdated
18:57 ventz   you do the git update-server-info, now it breaks the other one again...
18:57 ventz   i have the post hook, still nothing
18:58 pdurbin is there a howto you're following to set up the http access? i've never done this...
18:58 ventz   i used stuff on the web (set this up > 1 year ago), but last night I found this: http://www.jedi.be/blog/2009/05/06/8-ways-to-share-your-git-repository/#apachehttp
18:58 ventz   which seems pretty good
18:59 pdurbin yeah, i've seen this blog post before
19:05 pdurbin ventz: this is getting a bit dated, but you might be interested in it: http://code.google.com/p/support/wiki/DVCSAnalysis
19:06 pdurbin it explains why google chose to support hg rather than git, in part due to better http support in hg
19:06 pdurbin support hg projects on code.google.com that is
19:27 ventz   pdurbin: thanks. that was interesting
19:28 ventz   i think i am going to move my git repo to svn sadly
19:28 ventz   i'ts just too frustrating
19:44 pdurbin so sad