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14:31 pdurbin huh. "The problem is that qcow2 does not seem to be well supported for KVM" -- https://github.com/cobbler/cobbler/issues/79#issuecomment-4308442
17:21 pdurbin wow how come I commit in master? O_o · b839657 · rails/rails - https://github.com/rails/rails/commit/b83965785db1eec019edf1fc272b1aa393e6dc57
19:00 shuff   never before have i seen so many image macros in a github commit thread :)
19:01 shuff   also, fyi for puppet admins: https://forge.puppetlabs.com/huit/gitolite
19:01 shuff   feel free to kick the tires
19:01 shuff   pull requests welcome :)
19:03 shuff   also (and this, alas, is only for other HUIT folks): get in touch with me if you want the credentials for the huit account on Puppet Forge
19:03 shuff   Pax i am looking at you
19:06 Pax     sorry was ask for a bit
19:07 shuff   no worries :)
19:07 Pax     oh yeah! totally send me the creeds!! Thats awesome!
19:09 shuff   sent
19:19 Pax     awesome! I'll publish under that account rather then my personal one!'
21:34 pdurbin shuff: very cool. the puppetforge module
21:34 shuff   thx :)
21:34 pdurbin i wonder if i should make an ikiwiki module
21:35 shuff   i'll give you a hint