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12:59 pdurbin   participating in a nice chat about sysadmin community. even mentioned crimsonfu: https://plus.google.com/118286500951981852854/posts/MaxYiNJ8mZY
14:06 Pax       Morning
14:14 pdurbin   morning! anyone else listening to backyardigans? http://twitter.com/phildurbin/status/170145062628495360
15:33 ironcamel so i learned about http://www.commandlinefu.com yesterday from the crimsonfu website
15:34 ironcamel today i saw this http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/10248/tracklist-reaplace-backspace-to- and so i wrote this alternative http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/10253/tracklist-reaplace-backspace-to-
15:37 agperson  haha, talk about overkill
15:41 pdurbin   heh. much better. yeah, i love commandlinefu. been meaning to create an account. i read the rss feed when i can. it's how i found pianobar!
15:41 ironcamel i wonder why my alternative does not show up on the page of the original poast
15:41 ironcamel post
15:42 ironcamel do they moderate new posts for maliciousness or something?
15:42 ironcamel pdurbin: what is pianobar?
15:43 pdurbin   https://github.com/repoforge/rpms/blob/master/specs/pianobar/pianobar.spec
15:44 pdurbin   that's the spec file i helped with :) here's the actual site: http://6xq.net/projects/pianobar/
15:45 ironcamel oh neat
15:45 pdurbin   i actually haven't used it in a while. no speakers on my "new" computer at work. but shuff can attest to the fact that i listened a lot when we shared an office
15:45 ironcamel anything that helps to replace flash technology is great
15:45 * pdurbin runs /names
15:46 agperson  i'm using piano bar right now!
15:46 agperson  |>  "Prove It All Night" by "Bruce Springsteen" on "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" @ Bruce Springsteen Radio
15:46 agperson  #   -01:49/04:01
15:46 pdurbin   oh, shuff is not here.  this is shuff: crimsonfu.github.com/members/shuff
15:46 agperson  so thank you!
15:47 pdurbin   agperson: you're running the rpm from repoforge? tweaks to that spec file have been my only contribution
15:47 agperson  oh ha no, for some reason i thought that was a brew file
15:47 agperson  and i even clicked on it
15:47 pdurbin   heh
15:48 agperson  just excited to be part of the crowd, i guess.
15:49 pdurbin   agperson: maybe you'd be interested in subscribing to this bug, like i am: 0003171: Integrate libpiano into MPD to play Pandora streams - MantisBT - http://www.musicpd.org/mantis/view.php?id=3171
15:50 pdurbin   if you like mpd...
15:53 ironcamel "Note that if this is your first command, it will need to be moderated before it appears on the site."
15:54 ironcamel just added another alternative for that command. this site might get addictive
16:04 shuff     pianobar!  i'm so glad that's still of use :)
16:04 shuff     oh hey, there's a new relase
16:17 pdurbin   ironcamel: ah, i see you at least added a comment on the original post
16:19 ironcamel pdurbin: this is going to kill my productivity for the rest of the day. i'm going to keep hitting refresh on the OP until my alternatives show up :)
16:23 pdurbin   ironcamel: tell you what. just let us know so we don't have to do all that refreshing ;)
16:23 ironcamel pdurbin: let you know what?
16:24 pdurbin   ironcamel: when your alternative shows up :)
16:24 ironcamel haha, ok :)
16:25 pdurbin   speaking of rename(1) i ran `brew install rename` just yesterday on my mac. renaming .txt to .md as i switched my home wiki to gollum: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/i8UbczQWHqz
16:28 ironcamel pdurbin: you like gollum? i dont see any screenshots or examples linked on the github page
16:33 pdurbin   meh. gollum seems great for my home wiki use case. now my wife can click edit in a web browser. (i deal with the `git push` later). but given the flat name space i'm not sure about using it for wiki's of more than 100 pages or so.  personally, i like DocJekyll: Philip Durbin - Google+ - i'm starting to write more publicly about a little open… - https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/1823DRNvTk2
16:34 pdurbin   but i even have reservations about DocJekyll, even though it's my project :)
16:39 pdurbin   ironcamel: whoops i just made a gollum wiki: https://github.com/pdurbin/anyconnect/wiki
16:39 pdurbin   that was easy, just clicked "Wiki" at the top of one of my repos
16:40 ironcamel what? that
16:40 ironcamel that's a github wiki
16:40 pdurbin   github wiki's are powered by gollum
16:41 ironcamel ah
16:41 ironcamel i guess github gets around the page naming thing by only allowing a flat structure for users , maybe
16:41 ironcamel you can create new pages, but there is no concept of hierarchy
16:42 pdurbin   i dunno, they probably allow you to make subdirectories. but i don't see the point of that. if the pages need to be uniquely named, i'd rather have my filesystem enforce that for me by keeping all the files in the same directory
16:45 pdurbin   the thinkup project got frustrated with gollum and switched to sphinx for their docs. sphinx is used to document python itself
16:46 ironcamel yeah, its not the prettiest
16:49 pdurbin   thinkup continues to use gollum (their wiki on github) for community docs but now sphinx for their developer docs