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15:04 pdurbin  moving #puppet from svn to git and adding dynamic environments, in 15 minutes. I smell a blog post -- http://twitter.com/sjoeboo/status/167000795194195970
15:04 pdurbin  now that our puppet is on git, i'm itching to make a change but i have other things to do!
15:05 shuff    well done
15:25 Pax      Has anyone printed array elements in ERB templates?
15:25 Pax      I don't mean like looping through an array, I mean like calling print element[1]
15:29 shuff    print() in ERB == teh badness
15:29 shuff    my gut feeling is that your problem is there
15:31 shuff    i take it there's some reason why <%= element[1] -%> doesn't do what you want?
15:34 whorka   one of our affiliates is looking for a 1/2" reel tape drive (on [abcd-hard]). last time I saw one of those it was connected to a VAX.
15:45 sjoeboo  http://sjoeboo.github.com/blog/2012/02/08/moving-puppet-from-subversion-to-git-in-15-minutes-while-adding-dynamic-environments/
15:45 sjoeboo  ta da!
15:45 shuff    w0000t
15:51 shuff    oh hey, guess what?  FAS has a Status.Net installation: https://fasnet.fas.harvard.edu/
15:51 shuff    pdurbin: still hate the magical AJAXy new Twitter interface? :)
15:52 Pax      @shuff
15:53 Pax      yeah, I think it's actually less of a problem with printing elements since foo = [ 'test', 'test1']  then calling the element works
15:53 Pax      I think it's that I'm trying to do math in the array
15:53 Pax      so here's my examples so far
15:53 Pax      $cpu  = "$::processorcount" * 2 + 1
15:53 shuff    this gets better and better
15:54 Pax      $load = [  "${cpu} + 25", "${cpu} + 20", "${cpu} + 15", "${cpu} + 10", "${cpu} + 5", "${cpu}" ]
15:54 Pax      $load = [  "${cpu} + 25", "${cpu} + 20", "${cpu} + 15", "${cpu} + 10", "${cpu} + 5", "${cpu}" ]
15:54 Pax      whoops sorry to many pastes
15:56 Pax      ok so simplifying it like this
15:56 Pax      $load = [  "${cpu}", "${cpu}", "${cpu}", "${cpu}", "${cpu}", "${cpu}" ]
15:56 shuff    just to be clear: the code you're posting is in your Puppet manifests, yes?  not Ruby statements in a template?
15:56 Pax      yup, it's all in the manifest, I was hoping to just do all the math there rather then make the template harder to read
15:56 shuff    makes sense
15:57 Pax      so doing the above simplification gets me this error on compile
15:57 Pax      err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Failed to parse template nagios/etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg.erb: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) at /etc/puppet/development/modules/nagios/manifests/monitored.pp:35 on node awesome.noc.harvard.edu
15:58 Pax      So i'm thinking that maybe an array element can't be another variable?
15:59 shuff    can you paste the portion of your template where you dereference that variable?
15:59 Pax      <%= load[1] -%>
16:00 Pax      which works, if the load array is static
16:00 Pax      so $load [ '1', '2' ]  works
16:00 shuff    i vaguely suspect that the issue is quoting
16:00 Pax      while $load [ "$x", "$y" ]
16:01 shuff    let me hack in irb for a moment
16:01 Pax      you know I was just wondering
16:02 Pax      Hmm neither this
16:02 Pax      $cpu  = 1
16:02 Pax      $load = [ $cpu, $cpu, $cpu, $cpu, $cpu, $cpu ]
16:02 Pax      nor this
16:02 Pax      $load = [ "$cpu", "$cpu", "$cpu", "$cpu", "$cpu", "$cpu" ]
16:03 Pax      worked
16:04 shuff    ok
16:04 shuff    here comes some shenanigans
16:05 shuff    $base_load = [ 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 1 ]
16:06 shuff    $load = split(inline_template('<%= base_load.collect { |x| x + cpu }.join(",") -%>'), ',')
16:07 shuff    and i believe you should now be able to reference e.g. <%= load[2] -%> in a template
16:07 shuff    look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair
16:19 Pax      hmm I get Error 400 on SERVER: Failed to parse inline template: can't convert Fixnum into String
16:19 shuff    hmmmm
16:20 shuff    maybe replace 'x + cpu' with 'x.to_s + cpu'?
16:21 shuff    or populate $base_load = [ "25", "20", … ] etc.?
16:22 shuff    i find it *really* frustrating that Ruby's magical quasi-typeless variables try really hard to DWIM up until they don't, and then they fail unhelpfully
16:22 shuff    variables should have sigils just like Larry intended :)
16:23 Pax      LOL
16:47 Pax      I think I'm going to end up doing it right in the template in the end, at the moment i'm thinking that the amount of jiggering i'd have to do in the manifest will make it so confusing as to make it hard for another admin to figure out what I'm doing
16:48 shuff    you could write some comments!
16:49 Pax      say what now? whats a comment?
16:49 Pax      :p
17:09 agoddard pdurbin: ohAi
17:10 pdurbin  agoddard: welcome!
17:12 agoddard Not sure I totally follow the erb stuff, got a gist of it? I'd be happy to see if I have an example from a chef erb template..
19:09 pdurbin  someday i need to write a script to programatically look at our vmware installation and get a list of each guest's name and whether it's off or running
19:13 shuff    http://search.cpan.org/dist/Sys-Virt/
19:13 shuff    available from repoforge :)
19:13 shuff    or you can use carlasouza's puppet-virt module and use the built-in facts
19:14 pdurbin  Sys::Virt talks to vmware? i've only used it for kvm
19:14 shuff    http://libvirt.org/drvesx.html
19:14 shuff    done!
19:15 pdurbin  have you used this?
19:16 shuff    nope
19:16 shuff    but it appears well-documented
19:17 shuff    and this sort of application is the whole point of libvirt
19:20 pdurbin  i'll report back if i get it working. not today. thanks
19:21 shuff    sounds good
19:40 agoddard I did some similar stuff with Chef a while back, but never finished it
19:40 agoddard https://github.com/agoddard/knife-libvirt
19:41 agoddard there might be some takeaways in https://github.com/agoddard/knife-libvirt/blob/master/libvirt_server.rb if they're any help..
19:48 pdurbin  this looks great, but it's all "host = qemu+tls://..." stuff so kvm, not vmware, right?
19:49 pdurbin  similar to what we're doing here, from what i can tell: http://sjoeboo.github.com/blog/2012/01/05/getting-kvm-domain-info-into-puppet-facts/
19:52 pdurbin  so glad sjoeboo blogs so i don't have to
19:52 sjoeboo  haha
19:52 sjoeboo  with infrequency
20:28 agoddard afaik it's just straight up libvirt, so you could likely change the connection params to suit, but I haven't used libvirt w/ VMware before
20:34 pdurbin  yeah, i'll play with it