Time  Nick    Message
14:12 ventz   morning all
14:51 pdurbin morning!
15:12 pdurbin spend a lot of time thinking about +i (invite-only) mode for this channel and emailing the developer of the bot that's logging for us. not ready to publish my findings yet but stay tuned
15:12 pdurbin /spend/spent/
15:29 ventz   Pax: Tim, ipv6 -- fancy
16:58 Pax     which one of the many fancy things that i've done are you referring to ? :p
18:54 pdurbin Pax: i think ventz was looking at the "Pax has joined" string
18:54 pdurbin looking at http://forge.puppetlabs.com/tags/webservers
18:54 pdurbin and configs from Pax (thanks)