Time  Nick     Message
15:49 Pax      morning team C-FU
15:51 shuff    heyo
17:17 pdurbin  bah!  just getting to the part where the guy who wrote Salt starts comparing it to Puppet (around 33:00 in FLOSS Weekly 191).  but now i'm at my desk and need to dive into some Perl.  will listen to the rest on the way home
17:18 shuff    Salt is Perly, isn't it?
17:20 pdurbin  python.  using pickle for serialization but will switch to something more standard in Salt 2.0, he says
17:20 shuff    ah, i'm misremembering then
17:20 pdurbin  i encourage everyone to listen to that episode
17:25 pdurbin  the big win with salt, from what i can tell, is speed, scalability, and constant contact with the hosts (rather than relying on stale report data)
19:39 pdurbin  #34: turn off particular tests? .puppet-lintrc? - Issues - rodjek/puppet-lint - GitHub: https://github.com/rodjek/puppet-lint/issues/34#issuecomment-3765544
19:40 shuff    \o/
19:41 pdurbin  took a few weeks for me to reply :(
22:04 shuff    w00000t
22:04 shuff    just did a little demo/tech-talk of my new puppetmaster with a newly deployed VM
22:04 shuff    worked like a charm :)
22:09 agperson nice