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15:13 pdurbin  oh, i meant to add this link yesterday, in regard to `virsh console mydomain`: http://rwmj.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/setting-up-a-serial-console-in-qemu-and-libvirt/
15:17 shuff    that reminds me
15:17 shuff    have you looked at ConVirt? http://www.convirture.com/products_opensource.php
15:17 shuff    it looks like vCenter for the Xen/KVM world
15:22 pdurbin  hmm, no, never heard of it.  i also became acquainted with cloudstack recently, having attended this: http://www.cloudstack.org/about-cloudstack/cloudstack-events/viewevent/29-build-an-open-source-cloud-day-boston.html
15:23 pdurbin  and there's openstack of course.  "westmaas" here on freenode, a buddy of mine, works on it
15:25 pdurbin  oh, unrelated, everyone should try `gem install gitfinger && gitfinger crimsonfu`
15:29 shuff    hello!
15:29 westmaas pdurbin summoned me, and here I am!
15:29 westmaas howdy :)
15:29 pdurbin  heh
15:30 pdurbin  westmaas: i do want to talk openstack with you some day.  probably not today though.  sorry!
15:33 westmaas That's cool.  I might idle here anyway, unless this is private.  I'm pretty interested in config management, large scale deployments etc.
15:33 westmaas I can talk about things other than OS I promise
15:34 shuff    by all means, come in :)
15:35 pdurbin  westmaas: jeez, even my little 16 year old cousin wants in.  you're welcome to idle here, but we're just getting off the ground (see our log) and i'd like everyone to know each other.  hoping to do lunch soon
15:50 pdurbin  sorry to get meta, but one of my concerns is that spammers will jump in this irc channel and fill our logs ( http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu ) with spam :(
15:50 pdurbin  it's for this reason that i haven't mentioned the irc channel at http://crimsonfu.github.com yet
15:53 whorka   I think you can set invite-only with /mode #crimsonfu +i
15:54 jabrcx   hey Phil, I'm in
15:55 pdurbin  jabrcx: awesome. again, let's have everyone add themselves to http://crimsonfu.github.com
15:57 jabrcx   will do
15:57 jabrcx   is that what you're suggesting for registering?: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup
15:57 pdurbin  yes, that's exactly how i registered my nick.  i recommend it
15:57 jabrcx   and that goes over an encrypted connection?
15:59 pdurbin  http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#sslaccess
17:12 shuff    whorka: are you around?
21:36 whorka   kinda hosed today. what's up?
21:46 shuff    np, i had just been meaning to ask you about that Remedy ticket :)
21:47 whorka   ah ok
22:34 shuff    ok, finished moving from one desk to another, just in time to go home for the day.  see you all tomorrow!