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14:35 shuff        guess what!  some of my code is getting merged into puppet core :)
14:57 pdurbin      nice!  congrats!
14:57 pdurbin      link to the pull request?
14:59 shuff        please stand by
15:02 shuff        https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet-module-tool/pull/9
15:02 shuff        to be fair, others worked on this code after i submitted it :)
15:04 shuff        and now puppet-module-tool is being merged into core
15:54 pdurbin      #9: use Net::HTTP::Proxy instead of Net::HTTP by hakamadare for puppetlabs/puppet-module-tool
15:54 pdurbin      right, the proxy thing. cool
17:08 PaxIndustria @shuff did you ever publish a how to on applying that patch? (is it even worth a how to?)
17:08 shuff        which patch?
17:09 shuff        this one from puppet-module-tool that we were just talking about?
17:19 pdurbin      Subject: vms-running.pl: output YAML of running VMs, as reported by puppet
17:19 pdurbin      was able to do that thanks to http://sjoeboo.github.com/blog/2012/01/05/getting-kvm-domain-info-into-puppet-facts/
17:21 shuff        you can also do that by using the facts recently merged here: https://github.com/carlasouza/puppet-virt
17:21 shuff        Pax: what patch were you referring to earlier?
17:23 shuff        aha, the man himself :) we were just discussing you
17:25 shuff        hang on, i'm going to step out and get some lunch
20:28 whorka       greetings!
20:29 pdurbin      whorka: welcome!
20:29 shuff        \o/
20:30 shuff        our numbers grow
20:34 pdurbin      nice diversity from different groups
20:46 shuff        ok folks
20:46 shuff        who has a GitHub account?  sound off plz
20:46 pdurbin      https://github.com/pdurbin
20:50 shuff        https://github.com/organizations/crimsonfu is live
20:50 shuff        everyone whose GitHub account i know is an admin there
21:11 pdurbin      and. . . we have a website: http://crimsonfu.github.com
21:11 pdurbin      the source is at https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com
21:52 PaxIndustria Just got puppet stored configs working with mysql!
21:56 shuff        :)
21:56 shuff        well done