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15:22 Pax     heya
15:23 pdurbin i just realized that while http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-01-17 show the "meta" stuff going on in the channel, like joins, parts, and topic changes, the plain text log does not: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/text.pl?channel=crimsonfu;date=2012-01-17
15:23 pdurbin we might want to download the plain text files at some point
15:24 pdurbin so for the record. . . Topic for #crimsonfu is now crimsonfu: ConfiguRatIon Management of Systems Or Network kung FU
15:29 pdurbin here i go linking to jeff atwood again, but Naming is Hard: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/03/it-stack-overflow-update-naming-is-hard/
16:48 pdurbin using http://rubular.com to work on a regex in a Puppet nodes.pp. an equivalent local tool (on Linux) might be nice.  i know shuff likes http://reggyapp.com on the mac
16:56 Pax     I'm working in migrating my classes to paramaterized classes and wrapping my head around it.
18:44 pdurbin "Use parameterized classes to write more effective, versatile, and encapsulated code." -- http://docs.puppetlabs.com/guides/parameterized_classes.html . sounds good!
18:45 pdurbin "Parameterized classes are defined just like classical classes"  "classical classes".  nice :)
20:40 shuff   i want punch and pie
20:40 shuff   i was told that there would be punch and pie
20:41 pdurbin there you go, shuff.  made you an op
20:45 pdurbin Pax and sjoeboo too
21:16 pdurbin sjoeboo and i are talking mcollective